The brand that grows safely; ERISLER FOOD: ERİŞLER GIDA

ERISLER FOOD, whose initial reputation was for a grain trader in Turkey, founded in 1920 by the businessman Ali ERİS from the city of Ordu Fatsa. Ali Eris, who represented the second generation in the 1950s, started to export hazelnuts and gained great success. In 1974, the first flour mill investment Erisler Food, started to operate in flour sector which is the most important business line of today. Erisler Food, which has been producing for years without compromising on quality and hygiene, is today one of Turkey’s leading flour exporters. Erisler Food, which has exported more than 400 thousand tons of flour in the last 2 years, it makes 10 percent of wheat flour export of TURKEY by itself. Increasingly adds value for the national economy, every year places its level higher, among Turkey's top 250 exporters list.

ERISLER FOOD is in TURKEY's AR GE champions list

Since its inception, Erisler Food has always respected the people and the environment that pursues innovation, serves with reliable, healthy and quality food products. In 2013 described that, on Turkey's AR GE Champions List ERISLER FOODS also took place, it's shows the development of the group and the importance of self renovation. ERISLER FOOD believes that working in food sector requires '' Conscience '' so acting in principle of not to bring any product which doesnt enter to his own table, with consumers.


Eris Flour quality met with consumers

After NUDO in 2014, the group which introduced Eris Flour to the retail sector and presented the high quality export flour to the Turkish consumers by taking their place on the market shelves. Eris Flour aims to be one of the biggest brands in the retail flour market so 1 kg, 2 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg and 50 kg packages with alternatives to meet the needs of consumers took place in the market.

Eris Flour, which has a very rich wheat mixture that can meet every need, aims to be the biggest assistant, especially of the ladies in the kitchen with its baklava-pastry and multi purpose flours. Eris Flour, which has four production facilities in Istanbul, aims to be on the top three brands that distribute nationally in their medium-term plans. The brand, which makes a difference on the market shelves with its attractive purple and pink color packages, is planning to introduce different types of flour, especially pure wheat flour, to the market very soon.


NUDO - Turkey's and the world's most natural Noodles

Turkey's leader wheat flour exporter Eris Foods, took its first step into the retail sector with curly noodles, Nudo Noodle brand. Erisler Food, which offers our traditional Turkish noodles to the taste of consumers with a completely natural, healthy and artificial additive-free content without departing from Turkish taste. while establishing quick noodle laboratory by allocating a significant budget, good experienced engineers have been finalized their international studies and the products took its places in the retail market in 2014. Additives such as artificial preservatives, coloring, aroma or chemical flavor enhancer MSG (monosodium glutamate), which are now considered to be one of the major problems of food safety, have not been added into Nudo.

Sofra Nudo Curly Noodles, which are prepared by using only flour, water and salt, give a different dimension to our traditional Turkish noodles. It’s curves providing elegant appearance, non-brown wheat yellow due to drying at low temperatures, clean-clear view brings together large families at the same table. Consumers of all ages and segments have shown favor for NUDO, without compromising cleanliness and hygiene in the bustling pace of everyday life has been the choice of those who want to eat healthy and adequate by eating tasty and practical foods. It has been increasing its market share with the developing market since 2014, the year it meets the consumer.


Food safety is the essential point of production.

Eris Food's production facilities have BRC Food Safety, ISO 9001 Quality and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Certificates. In addition, all products from wholesale to retail have Halal Certificate from GIMDES. All Eris Food products reach the consumer with confidence through GIMDES 'serious checks. Gimdes is also a Quality Management System since Halal Certificate is product oriented and also observes the quality standards of the facility. Eris flours, which also have TSE 4500 Certificate, produced in Turkish Standards.

Eris Foods presents the world's most natural Quick Curly Noodles with the name of Nudo and Eris Food has shown that very good foods can be prepared without using artificial additives which have negative effects on human health. They also shown that without adding flavor enhancers can be prepared delicious foods, and its became alternative for everyone because nowadays there is a trust problem against package products.

European Vegetarian Association also gives approval

Nudo has a concept that vegetarians can consume safely. All Nudo products offered with cups, sachets and tableware have the “V-Label” certificate of the European Vegetarian Union, the only international organization at the European level. The V-Label certificate is granted only to companies that have international accreditation, who accept unannounced inspection and product analysis of local food control laboratories twice a year. By accepting these inspections, Nudo crowns the meticulousness of its products with an international food certificate.

It has received “Superior Taste Award’ of Europe

Eris Flour and Nudo have received the “Superior Flavor Award, one of the most prestigious awards in Europe. ITQi included Eris Flour and Nudo in delicious products after evaluating the first impression, color, odor control and then the taste left in the mouth and the texture of the product. 120 jury members selected by the 15 cooking and beverage associations of Europe are eligible to receive the award for outstanding flavor and quality with the stars they have won by evaluating the products on a blind tasting basis without any packaging or marks.