Eriş Flour Mills

Eriş Flour Mills is the flour brand of Eriş, which operates in both the professional and retail sectors. Eriş, one of the largest flour producers in Türkiye, brought its 40 years of experience in the professional market to the retail sector in 2014. Go to Website


Dudomi, Türkiye's young and trendy noodle brand, which entered the sales channels in 2022. It was produced with 6 different ambitious and delicious sauce options, suitable for the expectations of young noodle lovers in particular. Don't let our youthfulness fool you, we get our strength from ERİŞ, which was founded in 1920 and is one of the largest flour producers in Türkiye. Go to Website


Nudo, the first domestic Instant Noodle brand in Türkiye, has continued to grow since it first met consumers in 2013 by adding new varieties to its product family. Eriş, which has over 100 years of food experience, is behind this young and dynamic Instant Noodle brand of ours. Go to Website

Egg Noodle

Brand of Egg Noodle made entirely with real egg powder. Go to Website